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Mr. Ben Chan talks about Bench’s Biggest & Hottest Underwear Show Ever!

By Allan Diones / Published on Tuesday, 14 Nov 2017 09:20 AM / No Comments / 5215 views

BENCH turns 30 Glorious Years this 2017. And what better way to celebrate than with a Fabulous FLESHTRAVAGANZA!

The scorching hot show will happen this Saturday, November 18, at the MOA Arena.

We had an exclusive tête-à-tête with the indefatigable Bench mogul, Sir Ben Chan. Read on…

How big is the Bench 30th Anniversary Show? How many celebrities, models and performers will be part of the event?

“It is our 30th anniversary show, so expect the show to be a major production.

“We should have about over 200+ talents – a combination of endorsers, models, and international guest performers and personalities.”

Who will headline the show? Will Pietro Boselli and Ivo Buchta lead the pack among the Bench Body hunks?

“Yes. Pietro Boselli, Ivo Buchta and Trevor Signorino will be among the show’s highlights together with other international models and performers.

“For the local celebrities, we have our mainstays and some new celebrities who will be seen on the ramp for the first time.”

Mr Ben Chan with Pietro Boselli/ @bcbench IG
Mr Ben Chan with Ivo Buchta/ @bcbench IG
Mr Ben Chan with Trevor Signorino/ @bcbench IG
Bench big boss, Mr Ben Chan/ @bcbench IG

In your Open Casting Call, you looked for different kinds of dancers, skaters, even gymnasts and basketball players. What will be the theme or concept of the show this year?

“We’re looking for all kinds of performers to help us mount a unique show. So, expect some surprises.”

In your Go-Sees, what specific qualities did you look for in the models for them to be cast in the show?

“Great looks, height, body, projection and above all, confidence.”

What’s the title of the show and what’s the inspiration behind it?


“Dreams… revisiting the magic of the past years and looking forward to what lies ahead.

“There will be 5 different segments. It’s our 30th year, so it has to be something better than the last one.”

Pietro Boselli/ @benchbodyph IG

Who will direct the show?

“This year, it will be Robby Carmona, and the same French artistic director together with an international cast whom we’ve worked with for the previous denim and underwear show.

“It’s gonna be as big as before because we tapped the Canadian group to be part of the show again.

“The last one was directed by a Canadian director. Robby Carmona was the choreographer, but the overall concept came from Canada.

“The director, she was part of Cirque du Soleil and she did a play on Broadway.”

Complete attendance po ba ang local Benchsetters sa November 18 at the MOA Arena? Will there be additional celebrities or stars who will join or guest in the show?

“We have some new additions to the Bench family, so you can expect to see them there.”

Ivo Buchta/ @benchbodyph IG

As of last count, how many international Benchsetters do you have na po?

“As of now, we have Pietro Boselli, Ivo Buchta, Trevor Signorino, Park Shin Hye, Brooklyn Beckham and Cole Sprouse.”

The Bench Underwear & Denim Show is a biennial event. What’s the real reason why wala ito last year? Did you intentionally skip one year para sakto sa 30th anniversary this 2017?

“Yes, we wanted the next show to coincide with our 30th year. This is the perfect time to stage another major show and revisit what makes our brand and its history magical.”

Have you recovered from the controversy of the last Bench show in 2014? What lessons have you learned from that experience?

“We’ve learned to be more careful, as things can be viewed differently by different people.

“Although we may look at something as purely artistic, we have to consider the effect it will have on others as well.”

Trevor Signorino/ @benchtm IG

What’s your most favorite among the past underwear shows of Bench and why?

“They are all my favorites. Each one is different and relevant to the time they were done.”

Who are your Top 3 Most Memorable Celebrities to Ever Grace the Bench Runway?

“Wendell Ramos/Jake Cuenca, Assunta de Rossi/Aubrey Miles and Sophie Sumner/Allison Harvard (of America’s Next Top Model).”

How does it feel to be celebrating 30 Years as a leading global Pinoy brand?

“It makes me feel very proud, but at the same time, the whole experience is incredibly humbling.”

What’s your wish for Bench’s 30th Birthday?

“Another 30 (or more) years!”

What more can we expect from Bench in the next 30 years?  

“More surprises and innovations.”

Sir Ben in Havana, Cuba/ @bcbench IG
Sir BC in Japan/ Miguel Pastor FB

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