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Kiko Estrada, may PABUKOL bukas sa MOA Arena: “I guess I’m BLESSED! Ano pa bang makikita n’yo sa Bench underwear kung hindi ‘yon?!”

By Allan Diones / Published on Friday, 17 Nov 2017 17:50 PM / No Comments / 12255 views
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Kiko, nagreak sa ‘Scandal Squad’ na tawag sa grupo nila!

BUKOLFEST happens tomorrow, sa much-awaited sexy payanig ng Bench na Under the Stars.

Isa ang young Kapuso hunk na si Kiko Estrada sa bagong launch na Bench Body endorsers at kasamang rarampa sa MOA Arena bukas wearing skimpy underwear.

Heto ang exclusive chikahan namin ni Kiko about Bench’s 30th anniversary show…

How does it feel to be a Bench Body model?

“Flattering. Actually, I never viewed myself as a Bench Body model or even an endorser for anything.

“But you know, blessing comes in disguises and I’m just blessed to be part of the Bench family. I just want to thank everyone who helped me get there.”


How excited are you for the Bench underwear show?  

“Oh, I’m very nervous. Very nervous. Excited yes, because I wanna please the crowd and like I said, I don’t view myself as sexy but for that day, I have to, for everyone to enjoy.

“And you know, first time I saw my billboard a while ago in like Guadalupe-Boni. Grabe. I was like flattered na, ‘Oh, it’s my first billboard, my first endorsement.’ So, I feel good. I feel so good.”

Anong feeling na rarampa ka in public nang naka-underwear lang?

“Okay, it will be very nerve-wracking. I thought I was gonna wear pants but yeah, I wanna please the crowd.

So, if that pleases the crowd and gusto nina Ben Chan (owner of the Bench empire) ‘yon, yeah, I will do it.”

Kiko Estrada (3rd from Left) with fellow Kapuso Bench Body endorsers, Addy Raj, David Licauco & Bruno Gabriel/ @artistcenter IG

Anong gagawin mong gimik or pasabog para mag-standout ka from the many celebrities na rarampa that night?

“I know. Well, it’s a surprise. It’s a surprise. Because Marco (Gumabao) is thinking of one, and all the new Bench endorsers are thinking of theirs. And mine’s gonna be special.

“I’m working out for it. Ha! Ha! Ha! You guys will see the results. I’m there for everyone and I want everyone to enjoy the show.”

Did you shave before your underwear shoot para makinis at walang hair?

“Oh yeah, I did. You gotta keep it clean.”

Hairy ka ba?

“No, no, not that much. I mean, I keep it properly groomed. 24/7. Everyday a week, it’s clean and ready.”

So, ayaw mo ng body hair?

“I mean, there is, there is. Pero it’s clean. Kumbaga, I don’t like naman none (as in no hair at all), because you’ll look like a porn star. Right?

“‘Di ba? If it’s shaved, you’ll look like a porn star. Pero if it’s like you know, properly taken care of, that means you’re a very well-groomed person and you’re very mature.”

Napansin daw nila nu’ng Bench shoot na isa ka sa mga bongga nu’ng nag-underwear na. So, mas makikita ba lalo ‘yon sa MOA Arena tomorrow?

“I was just blessed. I guess I’m blessed! Ha! Ha! Ha! I guess I‘m blessed because my father and my mom have really good genes and I guess, yeah…

“Ano pa bang makikita n’yo sa Bench underwear kung hindi ‘yon? Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Kapuso hotties (L-R) Bruno Gabriel, Kiko Estrada, Addy Raj & David Licauco/ @artistcenter IG

Some are calling you – kayo na bagong Bench Body endorsers (Marco Gumabao, Albie Casino and him) as the ‘Scandal Squad’ dahil kayong tatlo raw ay pare-parehong may scandal photo or video.

Once and for all, what can you say about those leaked photos and videos na sinasabing ikaw?

“Well, I already answered this. It’s not me. But if you guys, you know… you have your own opinion, but my last say, it’s not me and you can watch it all you want, I don’t really mind.

“It’s a dead issue and you watched that Kiko Estrada lookalike. Well, I’ll tell you guys, it’s better if you see it live. You’ll see it in Bench, you’ll see the difference. Ha! Ha! Ha!

“You’ll see na, ‘Oh, shit! Hindi nga talaga siya ‘yun!’ I mean, like wala kayo ata nu’n. Ha! Ha! Ha!

“And Marco, I don’t know if he denied it or what. But I don’t really like talking about it because it’s nothing to talk about.

“Scandal Squad? What the F is that? You know what they should call us? They should call us The New Breeds. The New Breed of Leading Men Squad. I mean, we wanna take over the networks.

“My thing is, I really worked hard for where I am right now and if they wanna come up with any names, they should say like The Next in Line Squad. I guess The Next in Line Squad is the best caption for the new endorsers (of Bench Body).

“Because I really believe there’s immense talent in the new endorsers. Not only in modeling, in singing or in Muay Thai, but in acting too in showbiz industry and I’m really happy. I’m really proud.”

Kiko Estrada & Marco Gumabao/ @benchtm IG

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