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By Allan Diones / Published on Saturday, 10 Feb 2018 16:57 PM / No Comments / 4936 views

INSPIRED by Tito Boy Abunda’s ‘Fast Talk’ segment in TWBA – we give you 8 QUESTIONS.

Madalian at mabilisang tanungan. Presence of mind lang ang kailangan.

Walong tanong para sapat lang. Hindi konti, hindi rin karamihan.

And because 8 is my favorite number (‘yun ang totoong dahilan, hehe!).

Our featured artist for today needs no introduction. She is the one and the only… Ms. REGINE VELASQUEZ-ALCASID!

We all know her as the premiere diva of the Philippines. Asia’s Songbird. And a loving wife to Ogie Alcasid and mom to Nate.

Hindi na namin hahabaan ang pasakalye dahil excited na kaming manood tonight ng pre-Valentine concert ni Songbird with Ogie, Martin Nievera and Erik Santos entitled #paMORE sa MOA Arena.

So, here it is, guysh! Our 8 QUESTIONS with REGINE VELASQUEZ-ALCASID…

The Philippines' premiere diva, Ms Regine Velasquez-Alcasid dreams of having a duet with the ultimate diva herself, Ms Barbra Streisand/ @previewph IG

1. If you can sing just one song for the rest of your life, what will it be and why?

Oceans? Wala, maganda, eh. It’s a beautiful song. And you know, I’ve sang a lot of songs for Ogie, for my son, for whoever, may parents; parang the last song that I will ever sing will be for the Lord. That’s how I wanted it to be. Deserved Niya ‘yon.

2. If you can have a duet with someone famous, living or dead, who would you choose and why?

Ultimate duet? Barbra Streisand, siyempre! Eh idol ko ‘yun, eh! Idol ng marami.

Nu’ng napanood ko nga ‘yung concert niya, umiyak ako, eh. Pumunta ako ng LA and I watched one of her concerts. It was nice, kasi kasama ko Papa ko at saka Mama ko, mga 15 years ago.

Ewan ko, bata pa ako, type na type ko na talaga siya (Streisand). ‘Yung music niya kasi nu’ng araw, ‘yun ‘yung ultimate, eh. Siya talaga.

3. If you can have your dream concert anywhere in the world, where will you do it and why?

Here. I’ll do it here. Why would I go anywhere else? Dito ako kilala, mahal ako ng mga audience ko dito. Last concert, dito ko gagawin. Siguro, sa UP Sunken Garden ulit.

You know, I love being in the Philippines. I love doing a concert here. Although it’s very hard to please our audience, but it’s also a challenge for us.

But I wouldn’t think of doing my last concert anywhere else but here. Dito ako. Meron naman tayong Sunken Garden, eh. Garden din naman ‘yon! Sunken nga lang, pero garden pa rin.

4. A good night of music or a good night of sex?

Both? Puwede both? Bakit kailangang pumili, eh ‘di ba, ‘pag nakikipag-sex ka, may music naman? Bakit hindi? Masarap ‘yon! Puwede both?!

5. Name your Top 3 sexiest men in the Philippines?

Sexiest men? #1 sa akin siyempre ‘yung asawa ko, Ogie Alcasid. For me, I really think he’s sexy. I find him sexy. His sense of humor is sexy. His brain, he’s so smart, he’s sexy. The way he speaks, the way he talks to me, the way he sings. He’s sexy. So, my #1 will be my husband.

#2 is Richard Gomez because he is my ultimate crush, bata pa ako. And si Piolo Pascual. Papa P!!

6. What’s your ultimate fantasy?

Fantasy? May fantasy ba ako? Ang fantasy ko nowadays, I find myself daydreaming about it, ‘yun ang fantasy, ‘di ba? Is to be able to paint really, really well.

I used to draw, but I haven’t been doing it. So, my fantasy now is be able to paint really, really, really well. Gusto kong mag-aral ulit. So, ‘yun ang fantasy ko. Considered ba ‘yon?

Kasi, talagang I find myself daydreaming about it, ah? At saka ‘yung sobrang galing talaga ako. Ganu’n ‘yung daydream ko, ah? Sobrang galing ako na ‘yung paintings ko, parang pictures. Ganu’n ako kagaling. ‘Yun ang aking fantasy. ‘Yan ang fantasy ko. Sana, one day!

7. Would you ever pose in the nude?

Didn’t I already? Half. I did. Not nude, totally. Half. In the book, in my book, it’s there. Jun de Leon (was the photographer).

Hindi na, lalo na ngayon. Wa na! Na-experience ko naman na, half lang. Topless. ‘Yung sa akin (na book), ‘yung red. It’s there. Sa ano pa namin kinunan ‘yon, naka-skirt lang ako na maikli, tapos, naka-necklace ako. Tapos, topless. Sa Pinatubo namin kinunan.

8. Kung gagawing kanta ang buhay mo, anong klaseng kanta siya at anong ibibigay mong pamagat?

Inspirational siguro. Because you know, I started from nothing and I worked so hard just to be able to get somewhere. Kumbaga, nag-persevere talaga. A lot, a lot, a lot of prayers.

It wasn’t a smooth ride. Marami ring mga disappointments. Maraming times din na nadadapa. Pero perserverance is the key, and a lot of prayers. So, it will be an inspirational song.

I don’t know the title. Ha! Ha! Ha! Hindi ako magaling sa ganyan. I don’t know, hindi ko alam. Hindi ko alam. But it will be an inspirational song.

Regine's #1 Sexiest Man in the PH is none other than her loving husband, Ogie Alcasid/ @reginevalcasid IG
WACKY SHOT. Regine with Ogie, Martin Nievera & Erik Santos, together in the pre-Valentine concert '#paMORE' tonight at the MOA Arena

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